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How To Build A Successful Blog

Posted by wati on February 17, 2009

Today, I would like to give you some advice on building a successful blog.

1. The first important thing is to place an unforgettable image to the header of your blog. This will make a lasting impression on first time visitors.

2. Secondly and most importantly, write posts that are orginal. You need to have content that will take people’s interest. You must remember not to copy content from other sites or sources while writing your posts related to the topic or category of your blog.

3. You need to have one topic or category selected for your blog. Please try your best to publish your posts related to this one topic/category. Write a lot of posts and explanations regarding this topic. Try to read and reply all comments written for your posts. You can also visit other blogs and write comments for the posts giving the URL of your blog just to bring more readers to your blog on related topics.

4. Adding an image or a visual element to your posts will help you to describe what you are saying in a better way and in a better theme, but don’t add to many images since it may ruin your focus on content and load times.

Keeping your blog active is another thing you must keep in mind. Be sure to write few times a week, leaving your blog without making any updates will hurt your Search Engine Optimisation.


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